Kaynak Automotive Industry. and. Inc. It has been operating since 1978

Our company Kaynak Otomotiv San. Ve Tic. Inc. It started its business life in 1978 in the automotive sector with auto spare imports and vehicle sales dealerships.

Our company, which continued its activities with the dealership of Hyundai Vehicles in 1994, continues its activities in its 6.000 m2 plaza.

Today, we employ more than 100 people together with the Group companies and generate an annual turnover of over 10.000.000 USD.

All our commercial agreements are made with our Buyer customer, DIRECT manufacturer or manufacturer.

The message of the president

Our precious business partners and dear colleagues;

We have left 41 years behind in our journey with the aim of reaching an internationally reputable institutional structure and making a difference with this institutional structure.

It has always been our priority to create value for all our stakeholders we work with and respond to their expectations.

The basis of every success is a goal and realizing what needs to be done to achieve this goal. We have always acted in this direction. Kaynak Otomotiv San., Which has undertaken successful and pioneering works in the sectors we operate since its establishment continues to make a difference in this sense.

Continuity is the basis for success. Whether you are an individual or entrepreneur, your capacity, potential, production factors will not make any sense. In this direction; We will continue on our way by adding new ones to the achievements we have achieved in the past years.

Our new project is the sanctions that will enable our company to go one step further within the framework of our own fields of activity. It is our greatest hope to keep the name of Kaynak Automotive with praise, not to stop doing what we love.

I sincerely thank you, our valued customers, suppliers, business partners, managers and colleagues, who accompany us on this journey, and I respect all institutions, organizations and administrations that do not lose their support.

Love and respect

Ensar Kaynak

Chairman of the Board

Our Policy

Our customers are our benefactors

Understanding the needs of our customers on site and providing quality products and services, to ensure the continuity of their satisfaction, to increase the satisfaction rate and to be a reliable and sought-after company

To continuously improve and increase our product and service quality and diversity with our number of customers and suppliers.

To raise the professional knowledge and skill levels of our employees through education

To improve mutual trust, respect, love, understanding and communication among our employees all the time

To follow the rules of quality and information security systems and to continuously improve our system

To support the evaluation and improvement of risks in accordance with 3 main security rules as confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

To constantly contribute to the national economy and our valued customers by constantly improving the business volume.

Ensuring fair balance between stakeholders

Being a company that cares about open, transparent and ethical rules and complies with legal regulations

Being an exemplary company that respects society and the environment

Supporting and taking part in social responsibility projects

And to establish long-term friendships and strong ties with our customers we provide.