Luxurious villa in Levent, Istanbul, with a great location

Location : Levent, Mektep Sokak; Beşiktaş
Area of the property : 450 m2
Type of property : Duplex
Number of rooms : 8 + 1
Heating system : Natural gas
Other features : garden and a garage
Price : $ 2.200.000 with the possibility of installments through the bank

Villa Features

Located on the most beautiful street in LEVENT district where Istanbul's luxury villas are located.

The facade of the villa is open as it is located on the corner of two streets.

Total land area is 450 m2.

It has a front and back garden and an open and closed garage.

The exterior cladding is new.

There are 2 floors in addition to the basement.

There is a shed and the roof can be redesigned as an open floor.

It is located 100 meters from LEVENT Mosque.

It is located 5 minutes away from both bridges crossing the Bosphorus in Istanbul.